Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Green!!

Hello there and it is a green theme for St Patricks day and wouldn't ya now, I forgot about it! Yes, me, the Irish woman! It was not until I got 4am phone calls from all my loved ones back home, drooling down the line a Happy St patricks day, of how much they "miff me" (Miss me. I think.)

I must be getting old! So I took a walk today out and about for something green to catch my eye! This green tree stands tall in the sunlight
I love the way the moss trails leads down the path, like a luscious green carpet for the wee creatures!
I always walk past this aqua green fence wondering about secret gardens and what hides behind it. I love the building at the back with the green moss hanging down from it!
I spotted these beautiful green flowers growing. Does any one know its name?
then their is the lovely tennis courts with the light green floor, it looks so big!

I saw this piece of ivy growing through the brown fence, just pushing its way through!

I love the different shades of green in this picture with the dark leaves of the tree on the right to my favourite tree, the wonderful Willow!

I could not leave without a picture of my green bamboo plant! It grows so quickly and has brought much luck to us!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your photos are lovely. Your "miff me" comment reminds me of my dad. Just earlier this week my daughter went off into peals of laughter when she noticed I said, "Tome to me" to my grandchild and she thought I sounded so much like my father. I don't believe in baby talk and hadn't even known I'd said it.

  2. Oh Claire you have such a wonderful eye!! Wow I loved them all. Your photography is magical! I adored them all..but the and the flowers..stunning!!
    Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  3. You have great pictures of green! I like the Ivy one a lot.

  4. All great shots, but my favorite is the moss on the pathway.

  5. Those green flowers are so lovely!

  6. you have a fantastic series of green here. love them all! the green gate with the old building in the background is very captivating.

  7. Love that 3rd photo. The gate makes it interesting