Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday My Town Shootout: Small, medium and large

Hello there! Todays shootout is a scavanger hunt! Small, medium and large! Well I have been very behind (whats new?) so I looked through my weeks pictures and we had the joy of spending time with a very special wee friend and his wonderful family for a visit! We went for a walk and we tore it up, taking over the streets! I love this photo, ready to take on the world ! I think this wee mans dander says it all! Please check out some amazing photography by clicking The weekend is here! Yippee!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Dusk

This weeks Friday town shoot out topic is Dusk.

At dusk recently we were blessed to see the sight of thousands of birds flying across the sky!

This fairground had a wonderful pink backdrop to end the day

And this beautiful sunset just took my breath away two days ago!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday my town shootout: Spin, drop, rest!

This weeks Friday my town shoot out is a Scavanger hunt consisting of Spin, drop and rest!

This shootout comes from the wonderful city of Liverpool!

Ferris wheel at the Albert dock
Spinning high in the sky at Liverpool Hob festival

Drop: Raindrops on window

Dew waiting to drop


Daydreaming about mermaids and pirates

and resting on our bed looking at the beautiful sunset!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Flowers!

Hello there! I am sorry I have not been "current" here, the blogger gremlins are messing about! Anyway, here we are and it is lovely to be here! This weeks topic is Flowers! Ohhh, I love flowers and taking pictures of them! I have to be honest, these photos were taken a month ago when the weather was nicer, but they were waiting for this shootout! These pictures were taken around my beautiful neighbourhood in a hidden gem of Liverpool that I could walk around for hours!

Come through the gates as we,

walk alongside the path past the bluebell patch,

as sweet lilac flowers sniff at our feet

and stare upwards to glance a better look at us!

Rain teared pink blossoms greet us tapping us on the shoulder as we follow the path and sprinkle the dew on our heads

we wander by tulips and can not resist their amazingly beautiful undercoat

and push our noses in for a good sniff before a bee buzzes by!
Dainty wee white flowers bat their lashes to us filled with pollen to prepare the circle to begin once again.

But as we walk past these blooming flowers

they transformed into cakes filled with butter cream and chocolate which we scoffed at once, and caused us to shrink to tiny proportions and we spent hours dancing underneath the flowers with fairy folk and swinging off tree branches above!

but as the sun set on our wonderful fun filled day, everyday life presumes and we are growing tall again as we walk back down the street.

Have a lovely weekend and I will pop by to see you soon!

Friday, 29 April 2011

My Town friday Shootout - Textures from Portugal!

Hello everyone! This Friday my town shoot out comes from the beautiful place of Portugal! I have just got back and had a wondrous time! Here is some of my pictures containing different textures!

Smooth tiles on walls

tough star tiles pathways

stunning wooden doors

with dainty hand door knockers

rough sand and smooth waves

bringing with them shells embedded on the shore

and taken to design shop porch ways, walking over glass box floors to gaze at!

Have a lovely weekend, i am watching the royal wedding, it is like a Lord of the rings type fairy tale!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Away I fly!

Hello there! I am grinning like a Cheshire cat at the moment for tomorrow myself and two friends are going on a girlie trip for a week to Spain for my birthday! Hurrah! I am so excited and worried, (I always worry until we are actually there) and big fella gets a rest also! So I just want to wish you all a lovely Easter and I will be back soon! Bye for now!

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to all!

What a wonderful world we live in!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Places of worship.

Hello there! Friday comes around so quick! How are we all? Good I hope! Right, away we go! This is the amazing Angolan cathedral in the beautiful city of Liverpool. A immense size that once i was inside, and I was trying to look up to see the ceiling and fell over backwards! At night is has a spooky glow with St James cemetery below but I tend to think it looks like Batman's house!
This is the Metropolitan cathedral opposite the Angolan in Liverpool. Very modern in terms of the other but yet strangely beautiful as well.
Now, this is one of my favourite places in Liverpool. St Luke's church or locally, The bombed out church. This church was bombed in World War 2 and the shell remained. Now it is used to holding free out door screenings of classic films.
this was my own wee alter at Christmas. I went hell for leather and made this archway and collected strains and branches of holly and ivy and started felting, embroidering and knitting everything to hang on it!
I went camping recently in a forest that has seen many a moon. 10, 000 years old we were told!

At that moment in time, i thought it would be my perfect place of worship, it was just so bewitching and beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: April Fools!

For this weeks shoot out is to nominate our favourite assignment! I have to say, my favourite is Bokeh (ohhh, i really hope I spelt that right!) I have the Friday town gang to thank for this, for this assignment really made my camera suddenly magical! I started to research my camera settings and it has really opened my imagination with photography! This is realy why I like this blog, it keeps you on your toes and teaches so well! Please press on the sidebar link to read a wonderful article about Aperture!

Perfume bottle

Spring Blooms Skyline
Lavender Sunshine
Protest in the rain

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Yellow!

Friday My Town Shoot comes from Liverpool! No yellow Sub though, that would have been good wouldn't it!

This week the task is to photograph the colour yellow!
Here goes!
I loved this yellow sky, letting people on the plane to the beautiful city of Liverpool through a golden light reflecting off the Mersy River!
This golden statue in the Metropolitan Cathedral always catches my eye and I loved the way the yellow light shone on it!
Every time I see a daffodil for the first Spring I sing Kermit the Frog's "Happy Feet" in my head! Accent and everything!
I love the yellow pollen that invites the Spring Bees to rest in the pristine white flowers!
and today I glimpse at this yellow sunset that reminded me to be so thankful for every day life!
Have a lovely mellow yellow weekend!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Green!!

Hello there and it is a green theme for St Patricks day and wouldn't ya now, I forgot about it! Yes, me, the Irish woman! It was not until I got 4am phone calls from all my loved ones back home, drooling down the line a Happy St patricks day, of how much they "miff me" (Miss me. I think.)

I must be getting old! So I took a walk today out and about for something green to catch my eye! This green tree stands tall in the sunlight
I love the way the moss trails leads down the path, like a luscious green carpet for the wee creatures!
I always walk past this aqua green fence wondering about secret gardens and what hides behind it. I love the building at the back with the green moss hanging down from it!
I spotted these beautiful green flowers growing. Does any one know its name?
then their is the lovely tennis courts with the light green floor, it looks so big!

I saw this piece of ivy growing through the brown fence, just pushing its way through!

I love the different shades of green in this picture with the dark leaves of the tree on the right to my favourite tree, the wonderful Willow!

I could not leave without a picture of my green bamboo plant! It grows so quickly and has brought much luck to us!
Have a lovely weekend!