Thursday, 24 March 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Yellow!

Friday My Town Shoot comes from Liverpool! No yellow Sub though, that would have been good wouldn't it!

This week the task is to photograph the colour yellow!
Here goes!
I loved this yellow sky, letting people on the plane to the beautiful city of Liverpool through a golden light reflecting off the Mersy River!
This golden statue in the Metropolitan Cathedral always catches my eye and I loved the way the yellow light shone on it!
Every time I see a daffodil for the first Spring I sing Kermit the Frog's "Happy Feet" in my head! Accent and everything!
I love the yellow pollen that invites the Spring Bees to rest in the pristine white flowers!
and today I glimpse at this yellow sunset that reminded me to be so thankful for every day life!
Have a lovely mellow yellow weekend!


  1. Incredible Sunset photos...both of them, but the first one is stunning with the rays and the siloutte of the plane and the boat. Perfect collection of photos for the theme Yellow! Well done.

  2. The sun and the flowers together are a warming tribute to spring. The polen on the flower petals are a table set for the bees. I haven't seen many bees in my area yet. I miss them.

  3. Mellow Yellow is right. Great post. Love the sun and the plane. Some wonderful shots.

  4. What a beautiful view you have! I love your selection -- except that now I, too, have Kermit singing in my head!

  5. Love your yellow skies - both of them!

  6. The first shot is simply awesome!

  7. Good morning Claire!! How are ya hon!! Wow it sure is beautiful there..the yellow sky...OMG to die for!! Brilliant shots as always..I do so love your it is all over my studio :)
    We don't have any flowers popping yet..except a couple of brave crocus..cause they are saying snow showers again will melt away quickly as spring snow does..but still is chilly!!
    Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  8. Fascinating shots!! So loving it!


  9. Wow! The first and last shots are absolutely stunning. You captured the golden rays of the sunshine perfectly.

  10. the first shot is lovely and the statue is captivating also. great shoot out!!

  11. Wow, that is a pretty yellow sky I wish could see it in person, both of them.