Friday, 4 March 2011

My Town Shoot Out: The Letter S!

Hello there, is it Friday again? It must mean a Friday Shoot out! This weeks topic is the letter S and comes to you from the fabulous city, Liverpool!

Suitcases in Hope Street
Spooky ghost story concerning this crypt in a graveyard on Rodney Street of a gambling man who played with the devil in exchange for his soul. The devil said "When you are buried in the ground, I will come for you" so the man made arrangements to be buried in this crypt sitting at a table with a suit of cards in his hand. He would not be buried under the ground so the devil could not claim him.

Who knows? But folklore states that the ghost of the man named James McKenzie still haunts the street in the early hours of the morning.

This is the Metropolitan cathedral, known affectionately as Paddy's wigwag. I love the spires at the top and it reminds me of a queens crown.
Font size I love to gaze at the boats sailing up and down the river Mersey!

See you soon!

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