Thursday, 25 February 2010

My fav Topic: Old and Weathered

My favourite topic of My Friday Town Shoot Out that I took part in is Old and Weathered.

Here is a few I snapped out and about!

and of course, bells for Barry!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday town shoot out, Plazas.

Oh dear, I have not got the shot I wanted for this shoot out. I took a trapeze lesson on Monday night and haven't been able to move since.I should be alright for this Monday's class, I love it! I have my work cut out for me. But I did take this picture in Liverpool city centre on the way there.

To me, this jaw dropping beautiful archway is a landmark for me personally. This is where you met up if you got lost (drunk) out with your friends on a Friday night. Since it was by a taxi rank, it was the place to be at the end of a good night out.

When I first came to Liverpool all those flying by years ago, this was the first thing I saw as I took the bus into town, living on my own in the big bad city! Actually it wasn't bad at all. I grew up in Belfast during the troubles. Nuff said. When I saw the archway, I jumped out of my seat and screeched out "Oh my god, that's brilliant!" much to the amusement to many Liverpudlians on the bus who thought I sounded like a tractor with my very heavy Belfast accent! I knew I was going to love living here and I do.

By chance I actually would of probably ended up at the archway at some point tonight as I was invited to a social gathering in town. But I politely declined. I can't move. But then again how could I?

These skies are made for gazing at.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, Tar Ra!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Friday Town Shoot Outs- Aquariums

This Friday Town Shoot out topic is Aquariums chosen by Chef E!
By chance big fella and I are in the process of buying a tropical fish tank after keeping our fresh water fish alive for a reasonable amount of time which is a amazing feat for us. So off to pet fish shop we trundled. But this is no ordinary fish pet shop, it is based in a old swimming baths in Liverpool.

First of all you walk into a room of glass, water and fish

and get to meet and greet some of these wee fellas:

Such as wee sharks. My favourite. Yes I love sharks, especially Great Whites.
Strange creatures with big whiskers
Parrot like fish
Nosy fish

and I had visions of this wee one soaring out of the water and flying through the air if he was free!
They also had wee water snails!
They also had other fish with cat like whiskers!

Isn't it ironic that many of these fish have whiskers?
I was just about to wonder where the swimming baths would have been situated in the building when I turned into the next room and soon found out.

Look at the beautiful window hidden by boxes, I wanted to push them to the sides and show it off!

I loved the decor and tiling of the place it was like going back in time a bit!

I adored this archway (But what i wouldn't give for a go on the wall with Brillo pads and bleach to bring it back to its shining glory! Big fella had to guide me away!)
So this is were the swimming baths were.
But they were filled with fish.
Very big fish. With my Graceful Belfast charm, I screamed out, "Jesus Christ, where did the get these from? Jurassic Park?!?!?"

This huge one fish below didn't like the tone of my voice and
was getting a bit too close for comfort!

They look like they would suck the very soul out of you. This was enough for me and I bolted. In all the hullabaloo we forgot about the tropical fish tank, so we will go back another day. I will not be going anywhere near those whopper fish though!

I could not leave you without posting pictures of our own wee aquarium with the wee fishes swimming and playing about

when Mr goldfish popped his head out and reported that they were not speaking to big fella and I anymore, they know what we did today and they would not stand for a "Tropical" Fish tank and no question!

I reassured him that we will always share our home with them as long as they did not die. Sounds fair enough to me! Happy Friday!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Silver Sunday!

Well, here I was being all organised because today was the day my silverware house hunt began for the blog party. Apart from the kitchen, silver is a wee bit scarce at our place. I did love the look of the sunlight gleam from this silver key though.

I thought I would try and take some macro shots without getting them all blurry. This is of a silver star lantern by our window. The rest of the pictures I took look like blobs.I was stumped. Apart from the cooker, silver was not glistening anywhere I could see. That night I lit a few candles and Eurekea! There it was. I have a got a piece of silverware!

This was orginally an aromatherpay oil burner until the glass dish exploded one day (if you have one, be warned and be careful!)I loved it that much I kept it as a tea light holder. I have had it years now, and I would be really sad if I lost it. A new one would just not be the same, you know what I mean? Anyway this wee party has made me realise I gotta get more silverware! (Does the fire grate count?)
I also now have an incentive

I have bought silver polish!

Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, 4 February 2010