Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday my town shootout: Spin, drop, rest!

This weeks Friday my town shoot out is a Scavanger hunt consisting of Spin, drop and rest!

This shootout comes from the wonderful city of Liverpool!

Ferris wheel at the Albert dock
Spinning high in the sky at Liverpool Hob festival

Drop: Raindrops on window

Dew waiting to drop


Daydreaming about mermaids and pirates

and resting on our bed looking at the beautiful sunset!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Flowers!

Hello there! I am sorry I have not been "current" here, the blogger gremlins are messing about! Anyway, here we are and it is lovely to be here! This weeks topic is Flowers! Ohhh, I love flowers and taking pictures of them! I have to be honest, these photos were taken a month ago when the weather was nicer, but they were waiting for this shootout! These pictures were taken around my beautiful neighbourhood in a hidden gem of Liverpool that I could walk around for hours!

Come through the gates as we,

walk alongside the path past the bluebell patch,

as sweet lilac flowers sniff at our feet

and stare upwards to glance a better look at us!

Rain teared pink blossoms greet us tapping us on the shoulder as we follow the path and sprinkle the dew on our heads

we wander by tulips and can not resist their amazingly beautiful undercoat

and push our noses in for a good sniff before a bee buzzes by!
Dainty wee white flowers bat their lashes to us filled with pollen to prepare the circle to begin once again.

But as we walk past these blooming flowers

they transformed into cakes filled with butter cream and chocolate which we scoffed at once, and caused us to shrink to tiny proportions and we spent hours dancing underneath the flowers with fairy folk and swinging off tree branches above!

but as the sun set on our wonderful fun filled day, everyday life presumes and we are growing tall again as we walk back down the street.

Have a lovely weekend and I will pop by to see you soon!