Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Friday Town Shootout - Bokeh

I loved this assignment for the Friday My town shoot out, but boy I found it hard and I do not think I created what officially is bokeh, in which is a Japanese term for blur. I will have to try harder on this subject as when I went to shoot out and about it was just all fuzzy! I own a wee point and shoot camera and researched well on the photography subject and although it is possible with a point and shoot,due to it's limited settings (aperture I think it is called, see did my research!) it is very hard. Thank you so much for this topic and many of the topics we have covered, it has inspired me to take some photography lessons! I must go now and check out all your posts and see how bokeh is really done! Have a great weekend!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Bokeh photography: I'm I doing this right?

To be Bokeh
or not to be Bokeh?
That, dear reader's, is the question. Help!

OK, I am all up for Friday's my town shootout next assignment which is Bokeh. How fantastic is this blog? I would never would have known about this subject and I am hooked! I am using different settings (about time really) and I am really enjoying learning this new skill. Only problem is, am I doing it correctly? Could anybody help me out?

For the shots above, I have my wee trusty point and shoot camera, using macro settings and put it on spot setting and ISO 80. To be honest if the last bit made no sense to you what so ever, sit beside me. This is the first time I have dared not use the auto button, and I am like a wee kid with a new toy! Worse thing is, I haven't got a clue! Thanks for any feed back!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Moments in the Week

New Discoveries in Old placesRealising time is moving ever so quicklyFish frightened of his whole new world in big fish tank

Beautiful shadows the sun shows.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Town Shootout - Magic under the Bridge (Black and White)

This is my town Friday Shootout, coming from Liverpool and the Topic is bridges chosen by Elaine. In black and white. Mmmmmm, interesting, I like it! So, I like to be on the ball with most things in life including Friday town shoots outs.

Or so I thought. I couldn't believe it was Friday so quick. Last night I realised I had no pictures of bridges, in black and white or other, and I even know where a bridge was about near us. I asked big fella for help.

" The Sefton Park Bridge."

"Where?" I retorted. I am a big fan of this park and I didn't know about no bridge!

"We pass through it every morning as I drive you to work"

"Big Fella, we have talked about this. You know I am still asleep in the car until you brake abruptly outside my place of work. You must take me to this bridge! Thanking you kindly!"

So this morning, before work, big fella took me to the unknown bridge. I quickly realised that I have not really discovered this park at all and this bridge was a beautiful one.

Underneath was the sound and flow of a stream.

I had to go and investigate. Besides, I had all the time in the world, I was on a late shift in work and big fella likes to listen to the sports radio in the car. I know what I'd be rather doing.

So down the spiral stairway I go.........

and at the bottom to the stream

and said good morning to the pigeons having their morning bathe

and sure enough, there I was under the bridge. I love cast iron and this bridge was painted green! Feast and delight for the eyes!

I had a lovely time, but it was muddy and slippy and I nearly fell in my uniform a couple of times! So I turned back to say goodbye to the pigeons and make my trundle to work.

As I walked back up the path I could not believe my eyes. This amazing waterfall! The sound of the water overflowing into the stream was so loud and wonderful. I wanted to jump right in!

So I am so glad for this Friday Town shoot, I discovered the most wonderful place to treasure! Thank you and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Moments in the Week

A moody Moon

Personal artwork from the kiddos in work.

Our new pet in the household (Which is quietly freaking me out if i look at it too long)


It's a moon gazing night
Hope the start of your week was a good one!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Town Shootout - colours!

Hello this is my Friday Town Shoot Out and the topic is What is your favourite colour? Unfortunately me and my computer had a huge fight so I am using big fellas, which no pictures stored on this computer. But I did find these from ages ago from stomping about Liverpool's many beautiful parks and greenspaces. My favourite is the colour of autumn time. The beautiful way the trees and fallen leaves decorate even the most mundane of places.
Like the trees have laid out a golden carpet of leaves in honour of you visiting them.

This is my favourite colour of season to walk amongst the silent magic only to hear the crunching and scrunching of your feet below.

So, with working with what I got at the moment, Yes, Autumn time is my favourite type of colour!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for putting up with me!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Friday town shoot out

This Friday Town Shoot out, remembrance is chosen by Chef E.

Did you know a giant stands just five minutes up the road from me? This is a true story, so grab a cuppa and delve into the world of giants.

The above wooden carved statue is in remembrance of John Middleton, who grew to a staggering height of nine foot three!
People throw coins around his grave and wish for good luck and happiness. I think I have threw in about twenty quids worth now, in thanks of course, haha. His statue stands near the entrance to the gorgeous lighthouse, in which I am so very fond of.
His statue is carved out of the old elm tree where he is quite the impressive sight

He holds the light house always with him, I like to think in the dark of night he awakes and lights his hurricane lamp light house and takes a midnight stroll!

His fierce shadow looms across to the church and graveyard in which he was buried.
He lived in the town in a wee thatched cottage

Which might have been slightly uncomfortable at times for him!For more info on the Childe of Hale in Liverpool press here and to get involved on Friday town shoot outs press here!
I also love going to the see the giants because I just know my mum would have loved it too and I do it in remembrance of her and I always keep her near.