Monday, 29 March 2010

Bokeh photography: I'm I doing this right?

To be Bokeh
or not to be Bokeh?
That, dear reader's, is the question. Help!

OK, I am all up for Friday's my town shootout next assignment which is Bokeh. How fantastic is this blog? I would never would have known about this subject and I am hooked! I am using different settings (about time really) and I am really enjoying learning this new skill. Only problem is, am I doing it correctly? Could anybody help me out?

For the shots above, I have my wee trusty point and shoot camera, using macro settings and put it on spot setting and ISO 80. To be honest if the last bit made no sense to you what so ever, sit beside me. This is the first time I have dared not use the auto button, and I am like a wee kid with a new toy! Worse thing is, I haven't got a clue! Thanks for any feed back!

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