Friday, 29 April 2011

My Town friday Shootout - Textures from Portugal!

Hello everyone! This Friday my town shoot out comes from the beautiful place of Portugal! I have just got back and had a wondrous time! Here is some of my pictures containing different textures!

Smooth tiles on walls

tough star tiles pathways

stunning wooden doors

with dainty hand door knockers

rough sand and smooth waves

bringing with them shells embedded on the shore

and taken to design shop porch ways, walking over glass box floors to gaze at!

Have a lovely weekend, i am watching the royal wedding, it is like a Lord of the rings type fairy tale!


  1. my favorite is the door knocker, i watched the wedding from 5 am until they went inside Buckingham palace. loved every minute of it.

  2. I love that door knocker, I think I can almost feel what it would feel like to shake hands with it! :)

  3. I would feel funny touching the knocker.

  4. I enjoyed looking at your collection of photos, feel like going to the beach just to chill out!

  5. the door knob shot is really great - texture but color and light also. good shootout.

  6. I love the old door knocker. I imagine it would have a texture all its own if you lifted it, whispering stories of all the earlier times it has been touched.

  7. great textures! the door is awesome. hope to see more of your trip.

  8. You found some great textures in Portugal! I really like that door knocker shaped like a hand. Very cool.