Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out

Topic: Touch by Bagman and Butler!

I like the touch of carved wood,

and I like the feeling of nature's wood as well

but I especially like the feeling of a sweet wee kitty cats belly to be rubbed!
Are you alright wee kitty?

Yeah, he's alright!

Happy Friday to you and if you you would like to see all about this theme and more go to the side bar and click on the camera!


  1. Great post. For sure touchy feely things. Get photos too.

  2. I want to touch that cat!

  3. that dragon fly looks very good for a blind person to feel.

    Thanks for visiting,

    Do you run a lot, 5 years ago, I trained and ran the 10 K marathon. Now, I become too lazy

  4. Great shots!! Your kitty is so cute and yup they like to be touch and cuddled. Happy weekend!

    Friday Shoot Out

  5. The rough and the soft, the sweet and the sour. Amazing the sensual quality of contrasts.

    I loved the photo of the gnarled old tree, by the way.

    Since Mr. Linky is being mean and not letting me on today, here's the link to my FSO post--

  6. At first I thought Wee Kitty was a skunk! I thought you were a brave soul on that one. :)

    Mr Linky is not cooperating for me, here is my post: My Shoot Out

  7. Giggle funny girl...loooooved the kit little wee eye..see there ya go..I am saying wee all the time..all your fault Claire..:)
    Wonderful shootout hon!!
    Hugs & love, Sarah

  8. I love rubbing the bellies of soft furry critters. It's always makes me smile.

  9. Love your photo of the dragon fly carved in wood. That would be lovely to touch I think.