Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday Shootout:The Day the Zoo Broke Free

Hello everyone, hope you are well. This is a confession post. I don't have any pictures of the Zoo. Where I live in fact in Liverpool, it do not have a zoo. (But it does have a huge Ferris wheel, so its not so bad.)
Up the road, as they say in Ireland, there is a Zoo. But it is about 40 miles away, I don't drive, and I know however great the zoo make be, it ain't worth the walk. Time was also a factor. (That old chestnut!)
But a little closer to home is a safari park in Knowlsey and I did go there. So to say sorry I thought I would make it into a wee story about the zoo for a sit down and a Friday cuppa.

The other day, Big fella and I heard a whisper through the trees that the animals in the zoo had broken free and were roaming the local park! This was a opportunity not to be missed. We were going to the park. We decided it would best to drive there, as a zoo has many exotic animals that would not think twice of having a silly couple walking through the park as a tasty meal before going to check the swings and the slide.

So we drove to the park. All of a sudden,

baboons and monkeys started falling and swinging from the trees and running over to the car!
They also took great delight in hitching a ride around with us.

As I looked through the trees I saw a lion chasing squirrels for tickling his nose with their tails.
We also saw two elephants going to what they called there "spa day" in the river where the swan and ducks live. Every Thursday afternoon, without fail.
As we drove around some more we saw a peacock running towards us shouting at me about taking pictures at a time where lions were roaming loose in a park, call somebody and were we crazy. A camel came to the front window and drearily asked about some sand, there was not enough sand.
Big fella suggested the Car park where some salt is kept for snow days and would that help? He muttered something along the lines of, it will have to do and off they went.

Just as we thought the park could not be more surreal, Big fella had to do a emergency stop as a herd of Buffolo ploughed past after hearing a re run of Friends was on the wide screen TV that the park had to offer.

Yes it is was very fancy park.
There you go, sorry about the no Zoo and all. I hope all is well in your world and have a great weekend!


  1. Safari is also a zoo to me! We only have a Night Safari next to the zoo, but photography are not allowed since no to disturb the most nocturnal animals.

  2. A safari park is so much more gentle on the animals. This was a terrific post.

  3. My first reaction when you wrote there is no zoo in Liver pool, you could have asked your mum for photos of the Beatle's fans where they were screaming for the Beatles behind the barricade. My grand dad said the people were like animals in the zoo.

    Glad you did find somereal animals, the monkeys reminded me of when I was in Singapore. Monkeys came to my house, wild birds too, We were a zoo.

  4. I havent been to Knowsley Safari park for years, I went on a school trip. Your photos have inspired me to maybe take the children there this year. Chester Zoo isnt too far from you. I was in Liverpool at the O2 Academy a couple of weeks back to see the Alarm. Great city x

  5. That's fun. It's like the drive-around zoo they've got in California. We never did go there, only to the regular zoo.

  6. I would love to go to a safari park. The animals are amazing.

  7. Better than the zoo, I think. And a lot more fun.