Thursday, 22 April 2010

Friday Town Shootout - Trees

Today's topic is honouring the trees. I do love trees. I always remember as a child being fascinated for hours in my grandmothers big garden by her cheery blossom trees, picking the flowers to make perfume bottles, inspecting the trunk and bark for that sticky sap that intrigued me endlessly and picking a leaf and going indoors when the rain fell and tracing the veins and shoots from the leaf at the kitchen table, with a pot of tea and the cosy, with sconces in the oven! Let me take you for a walk down one of our local parks in Liverpool. Otterspool is famous for it's promenade but I had never discovered the park before either, so it was first time for me too.

As you walk towards the park, this sight greets you. This looks like the path to a land of elves and fairies

and the flowers on these cherry blossoms does not restricted it blooms to branches, they grow loyally at their trees trunk

and their flowers have the most delicate features.

As you walk through the path you are enveloped in the wonderful fragrance of the blooms and archway forms.

Out on to the start of a path lined with all various trees. This was a enchanting place as the motorway is perched high above it, but you can not hear a noise only for snapping twigs, the laughing of the swaying leaves and the joyous song of the birds.

There were wonderful stair ways and old paths walls hidden like a secret garden amongst the city,

and the pathway was old faded brick, over a thousand differents steps from people down the ages taking you back in time.
I love that even if you kept your head down the shadows of the trees always remind you they are there.

This tree I found on my travels bemused me a bit. I had never gazed upon one like it before. But I liked it just the same.
I loved the way the trees adapted to where they grew

just rooting themselves down
some trees had branches to swing by

and some trees just asking to be climbed up!

I even found a secret cave!But I had found what i had really come for

The mammoth big roots,

like nothing could tear this tree down!

But is kind enough to let a holly bush start growing amongst it!

It truly is the big daddy of the trees in this park!

had a wonderful time and I will definitely go here again! to see the rest of the gangs photography click on the My shoots link on the sidebar! Happy Friday to ya!


  1. Ooooo what fun hon!! Great tree shots! I do so love big trees with lots of bumpy much character!! Wow lots of pretty flowers around you hon!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  2. I really enjoyed my walk with you and the beautiful trees that shade our path. Those root systems were absolutely astounding.

  3. Your trees are beautiful! What a great selction. Have a great weekend!

  4. I don't mind walking around the park with so many beautiful trees blooming! awesome sight.The last photo is simply amazing, I love it.

  5. what a collection, I started with saying, the first photo of pink and pale yellow is my fav, but as I scroll down, I can't decide.

    Thanks for a lovely visit.

  6. I agree with you, this time of year with the fragrance and all the birds chirping, just wonderful!! the last shot is very intriguing. the way the light is striking it, is perfect!!

  7. Your photos on black background make me want to reach out and grab the subjects! Take the steps and go see what is up the path...

    Great post!