Friday, 16 April 2010

My Town friday Shootout - Cuckle snaps!

Pictures of animals and the like make me chuckle! Sometimes it looks like their expressions could say a thousands words at times!

This chocolate heaven eyed camel was as intrigued as we were of him and he came right up to say hello in Knowsley Safari park!

When I take pictures of Big fella big fish, ( I named him after my beloved Big Fella. Big Fella named his fish after He Man. What gives?) he always looks so unhappy. But he is thriving, he is one of our first pet fish. Others have sadly came and went, but big fella big fish has stayed strong with us and could probably tell you a story or two about us if you meet him. He knows all our secrets.
This picture makes me laugh as well. Big fella and I met this fellow recently and he would not look up for the picture until I lost my temper and said something rude to him. His expression says it all. I took my picture and backed away.
Of course he is not the only one. Our good friend Wee doggie, is notorious for not looking at the camera, huffy dog that he is.

But we eventually get him in the end!

Happy Friday to you all, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Animals always (well almost always) make me smile...unless they're having a naughty moment :)

  2. Those are some great shots and made me smile, especially the fish. I have a fish pond and love my fish.

  3. Pet can be so therapeutic sometimes,sure to brighten our lives.

  4. Very cute! We once had a goldfish (free from a birthday party when my kids were little) that lived over 10 years! We kept buying him friends, but he outlived them all!

  5. you have quite a selection of animals. they are so fun to have around. great shots!!