Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Places of worship.

Hello there! Friday comes around so quick! How are we all? Good I hope! Right, away we go! This is the amazing Angolan cathedral in the beautiful city of Liverpool. A immense size that once i was inside, and I was trying to look up to see the ceiling and fell over backwards! At night is has a spooky glow with St James cemetery below but I tend to think it looks like Batman's house!
This is the Metropolitan cathedral opposite the Angolan in Liverpool. Very modern in terms of the other but yet strangely beautiful as well.
Now, this is one of my favourite places in Liverpool. St Luke's church or locally, The bombed out church. This church was bombed in World War 2 and the shell remained. Now it is used to holding free out door screenings of classic films.
this was my own wee alter at Christmas. I went hell for leather and made this archway and collected strains and branches of holly and ivy and started felting, embroidering and knitting everything to hang on it!
I went camping recently in a forest that has seen many a moon. 10, 000 years old we were told!

At that moment in time, i thought it would be my perfect place of worship, it was just so bewitching and beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. beautiful, my favorite is the bombed out church. it is magical to me

  2. yes, we don't need the grand cathedral to pray, to meditate, to turn our thoughts inward. a garden / forest / quiet beach works will suffice.

  3. Lovely churches, especially that bomb out church.

  4. Such great places to worship and be with ourself. Thanks for sharing!


  5. The last place looks like an awesome place for worship I agree.That bombed out church is so cool! I'd love to see one of those films there. and the first and second pictures really do look like they could of used them for the batman movie.