Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out The Dark Side

This Friday My town Shoot Out is on the dark side! This shoot out is placed out and about in Liverpool!The topic chosen by Nanu!

Just when I think all dark undiscovered pathways are locked

a faithful Chesire cat leads the way

Through dark eerie Williamson tunnels and pathways

To a magical place were they honour the cat

and marvel at the majestic sight

but all soon the darkness chases the sun away
and the moongazing night begins over clear midnight ink skies

and isn't she a pretty sight?

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Ohhhh I love this! At first I thought we were going to read a new version of Alice :), but I love were you went with it!

    Love statues, adore them!

  2. very creative! love the story along with the pics. very fun post.

  3. when I was a young mother, an older mum told me, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I never forgot that. Now you brought it back.

  4. Oh your photos are amazing. I love them all. This is very creative and fun. AND AWESOME!