Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Town Shootout - Magic under the Bridge (Black and White)

This is my town Friday Shootout, coming from Liverpool and the Topic is bridges chosen by Elaine. In black and white. Mmmmmm, interesting, I like it! So, I like to be on the ball with most things in life including Friday town shoots outs.

Or so I thought. I couldn't believe it was Friday so quick. Last night I realised I had no pictures of bridges, in black and white or other, and I even know where a bridge was about near us. I asked big fella for help.

" The Sefton Park Bridge."

"Where?" I retorted. I am a big fan of this park and I didn't know about no bridge!

"We pass through it every morning as I drive you to work"

"Big Fella, we have talked about this. You know I am still asleep in the car until you brake abruptly outside my place of work. You must take me to this bridge! Thanking you kindly!"

So this morning, before work, big fella took me to the unknown bridge. I quickly realised that I have not really discovered this park at all and this bridge was a beautiful one.

Underneath was the sound and flow of a stream.

I had to go and investigate. Besides, I had all the time in the world, I was on a late shift in work and big fella likes to listen to the sports radio in the car. I know what I'd be rather doing.

So down the spiral stairway I go.........

and at the bottom to the stream

and said good morning to the pigeons having their morning bathe

and sure enough, there I was under the bridge. I love cast iron and this bridge was painted green! Feast and delight for the eyes!

I had a lovely time, but it was muddy and slippy and I nearly fell in my uniform a couple of times! So I turned back to say goodbye to the pigeons and make my trundle to work.

As I walked back up the path I could not believe my eyes. This amazing waterfall! The sound of the water overflowing into the stream was so loud and wonderful. I wanted to jump right in!

So I am so glad for this Friday Town shoot, I discovered the most wonderful place to treasure! Thank you and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Magic! I'm so glad you found this special place. The Friday Shoot-outs have taken me to some new places also. But it's hard to beat a secret waterfall!

  2. One of the joys of FSO is the way the themes lead us to new experiences and new places. What a great post this was. The waterfall was both beautiful and dramatic.

  3. what a great post! I love the story of your discovery along with the awesome shots. looks like a fantastic place to wander around.

  4. I agree with Barry. FSO has lead me to discover many things I would otherwise never have noticed. So lovely to share your discovery of your bridge with you!

  5. Oh Claire...what a beautiful shotout!! Amazing shots! Wow and so much fun. what a sweet heart your other half is..taking you there!! I loved the one with the pigeons in their bath! Of course I love the critter know that!! I am so glad you joined us too!! Hugs and love, Sarah

  6. You DID bring magic from under the falls! I love I want to write...thank you for such beautiful also just reminded me of a shot I took at a bridge with a water fall you could swim in I could have use, oh shoot, next week I will slip it in :)