Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Town Shootout - colours!

Hello this is my Friday Town Shoot Out and the topic is What is your favourite colour? Unfortunately me and my computer had a huge fight so I am using big fellas, which no pictures stored on this computer. But I did find these from ages ago from stomping about Liverpool's many beautiful parks and greenspaces. My favourite is the colour of autumn time. The beautiful way the trees and fallen leaves decorate even the most mundane of places.
Like the trees have laid out a golden carpet of leaves in honour of you visiting them.

This is my favourite colour of season to walk amongst the silent magic only to hear the crunching and scrunching of your feet below.

So, with working with what I got at the moment, Yes, Autumn time is my favourite type of colour!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for putting up with me!!


  1. love the first shot! very cool. autumn is a pretty time of year. great shoot out!!

  2. Oh I love the last photo! of you, how cool...I love autumn, because its all about nature!

  3. Oh my goodness this is very pretty. Color yellow is dominant here though I see some greens too. Great shot!! Happy weekend!

    My favorite color: Yellow

  4. if only each leaf I touch will turn to real gold, what a happy person I will be.