Saturday, 30 January 2010

Silver Sunday!

For the Sunday Silverware party I was having a think of what I could bring to the cauldron of ideas over at Gypsy Fish blog. I was thinking that our kitchenware was mostly silver, but I covered that with the grater topic last week. So I was to going to show you my sliver and trinkets I have tucked and put inside

in my pirate ship of treasures, which is also now my jewellery keeper
or feel all giddy like I do every time I look at this exquisite Dragonfly coat hanger which attracted me like a magpie and that I couldn't help but have,
but the real silver magic was happening up in the azure dyed heavens
silver clouds swept across the skies illuminated by the biggest full moon of the year. In itself a silver delight hypnotising all who gaze at her.
I was so enchanted by the moon I thought, "Ah, a moon lit walk along the shore is just what I need and all in the name of the silver blog party, I will venture out and take some snaps."

Needlessly to say, the wind was at gale force, could rip the skin off you with ice, so as I struggled and battled with the wind to get to the end of my path, I took a picture that ended up looking like this

and got the hell back up the stairs for some warmth and heat. Madness.

Here is what I wanted the photo to turn out like, minus the shaking hands and hair whipping me around the face.
The shiny moon! Have a good week everyone!


  1. It is a difficult thing to do to take a decent photo with the cold gripping you and shaking the dickens out of you! I was out this morning and told myself I was nuts, but thanks to you for freezing! Your post was worth it!

  2. Beautiful photos!...Christine

  3. Wow - your moon photo looks awesome. All silvery and pearlescent!

  4. Great shot of the your pirate ship, too cool!