Friday, 22 January 2010

My Friday Shoot - Sounds in your town

For this Friday town Shoot thatNanu picked out I am ashamed of myself. Why? Because this Friday town shoot is coming from Liverpool, sounds of the Beatles!! I should be down Matthew Street, or taking pictures of the yellow submarine!

But time has creeped up on me again, but I have an excuse, (kinda) I was making this new photography blog. Trying to be more organised and such. Sigh. I will use this blog for my Friday town shoots out and other wee gems. It is also good because it stores my photos! Ah ha!
So here is my Friday town Shootout. (From my window. Ahem.)

In the morning in the sunrise light, the noises I hear arethe birds singing the praises of the morning sun

I hear the boats going by, with the anchor banging against the bow making a ghostly clanging noise to make it's presence known giving beat to the wind chimes song.
but when the sun sets
and the moon comes out

The ghostly ship returns, like a crocodile gliding through a silent sea.


  1. Oh how I love boats on the water, and so soothing! Great post!

  2. Love the bird shot. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh hon...just beautiful! I love the ships coming in and out..I love the sound of their horns..we don't have that kind of ship here on the lake despite the large size of it. I would just looove to look out over water in the morning and evening..we are several blocks a dream of mine. Wonderful shootout hon..I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have you join us here!! Whoot!
    I started my photography blog for the shootout too!
    BTW thanks for following my story...more soon..
    Love, Sarah

  4. Loved it. Loved the photos. Loved the descriptions. Glad you didn't get out to shoot something different. This was perfect.

  5. This was a stunning post. You did really well - probably better than if you had showcased the Beatles.

    Your photos are glorious!

  6. perfect! all the shots are so stunning. have a great weekend!!

  7. What beautiful shots!!! I was there, I heard them!
    Gorgeous view!

  8. Your photos of the sky are really gorgeous!!