Saturday, 6 February 2010

Silver Sunday!

Well, here I was being all organised because today was the day my silverware house hunt began for the blog party. Apart from the kitchen, silver is a wee bit scarce at our place. I did love the look of the sunlight gleam from this silver key though.

I thought I would try and take some macro shots without getting them all blurry. This is of a silver star lantern by our window. The rest of the pictures I took look like blobs.I was stumped. Apart from the cooker, silver was not glistening anywhere I could see. That night I lit a few candles and Eurekea! There it was. I have a got a piece of silverware!

This was orginally an aromatherpay oil burner until the glass dish exploded one day (if you have one, be warned and be careful!)I loved it that much I kept it as a tea light holder. I have had it years now, and I would be really sad if I lost it. A new one would just not be the same, you know what I mean? Anyway this wee party has made me realise I gotta get more silverware! (Does the fire grate count?)
I also now have an incentive

I have bought silver polish!

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Is there really such a thing as Long Term Silver polish? I think that shining silver is a weekly event!

  2. love the golden glow around the silver..your pictures are art worthy..beautiful!

  3. Wow, that really is so pretty as a votive holder. Bet no one would know it was ever meant for anything else!

    Wonderful Silver Sunday post!
    xoxo...Kathy@Mimi's Garden

  4. I really like your votive holder. Perhaps you'll be able to find a little pyrex dish to replace the one that exploded?
    Hope you'll stop in and enter my giveaways!
    Happy Silver Sunday.

  5. Anything silver counts have now fear! Love your keys gleaming in the sunshine! Thanks for playing along...tune in next week for the first Second Silver Sunday and the announcement of the SS giveaway....see you next week!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  6. Love your shots~ the way you re purposed the scent burner is very pretty.... I think if it is silver tone, it's silver~ I have run out, yet I could unpack some boxes that have been put away for years, never know what I will find...

  7. Fun photos! Thanks for sharing. Happy Silver Sunday!