Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Friday Town Shoot Outs- Aquariums

This Friday Town Shoot out topic is Aquariums chosen by Chef E!
By chance big fella and I are in the process of buying a tropical fish tank after keeping our fresh water fish alive for a reasonable amount of time which is a amazing feat for us. So off to pet fish shop we trundled. But this is no ordinary fish pet shop, it is based in a old swimming baths in Liverpool.

First of all you walk into a room of glass, water and fish

and get to meet and greet some of these wee fellas:

Such as wee sharks. My favourite. Yes I love sharks, especially Great Whites.
Strange creatures with big whiskers
Parrot like fish
Nosy fish

and I had visions of this wee one soaring out of the water and flying through the air if he was free!
They also had wee water snails!
They also had other fish with cat like whiskers!

Isn't it ironic that many of these fish have whiskers?
I was just about to wonder where the swimming baths would have been situated in the building when I turned into the next room and soon found out.

Look at the beautiful window hidden by boxes, I wanted to push them to the sides and show it off!

I loved the decor and tiling of the place it was like going back in time a bit!

I adored this archway (But what i wouldn't give for a go on the wall with Brillo pads and bleach to bring it back to its shining glory! Big fella had to guide me away!)
So this is were the swimming baths were.
But they were filled with fish.
Very big fish. With my Graceful Belfast charm, I screamed out, "Jesus Christ, where did the get these from? Jurassic Park?!?!?"

This huge one fish below didn't like the tone of my voice and
was getting a bit too close for comfort!

They look like they would suck the very soul out of you. This was enough for me and I bolted. In all the hullabaloo we forgot about the tropical fish tank, so we will go back another day. I will not be going anywhere near those whopper fish though!

I could not leave you without posting pictures of our own wee aquarium with the wee fishes swimming and playing about

when Mr goldfish popped his head out and reported that they were not speaking to big fella and I anymore, they know what we did today and they would not stand for a "Tropical" Fish tank and no question!

I reassured him that we will always share our home with them as long as they did not die. Sounds fair enough to me! Happy Friday!


  1. Where is Nemo? Have you decided what kind of fish you are getting?

    How big's your aquarium?

  2. WOW!! Now THAT is what I call an aquarium store! Great shoot of a very unique place. And I've always wondered, how do whiskered fish shave?

  3. Wow, that is quite the place. I was lamenting that there doesn't seem to be aquariums for purchasing fish like there used to be. I don't know where I would even go to buy a fish anymore.

    I love the detail on the tile.

  4. Amusing, too bad you didn't buy now... tropicals do you mean salt water? those tanks are really hard to manage. but just regular little fish are fun to have in your home.

  5. I loved your commentary almost as much as I loved your photos.

    I think I liked the little nosy fish the best. He sure had character.

  6. I enjoyed all your pictures and your post. The fish store you went to looks like quite an interesting place!

  7. Very nice tour! I enjoyed your little aquarium as much as the store.

  8. Oh how I love fishies, yours are so cute, loved it!

  9. "Jesus Christ, where did the get these from? Jurassic Park?!?!?" - that made me laugh! I liked the tile work in the baths - very lovely and even fishy too!

  10. Been there! I used to work next door when 'next door' was West Derby library (don't know if it still is). And I have been in the aquarium. I think we bought a couple of rabbits there many years ago when one of the children was little (and yes, I do know rabbits aren't fish but they sold them as well in those days!!!). Isn't it a small world. Thanks for the great photos and the many memories.

  11. Wow! You must every fish in the world there. Beautiful photos. I love the parrot fish. Never seen them before.

  12. Great post...Love how colorful they all are!

  13. Absolutely beautiful photos!