Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday town shoot out, Plazas.

Oh dear, I have not got the shot I wanted for this shoot out. I took a trapeze lesson on Monday night and haven't been able to move since.I should be alright for this Monday's class, I love it! I have my work cut out for me. But I did take this picture in Liverpool city centre on the way there.

To me, this jaw dropping beautiful archway is a landmark for me personally. This is where you met up if you got lost (drunk) out with your friends on a Friday night. Since it was by a taxi rank, it was the place to be at the end of a good night out.

When I first came to Liverpool all those flying by years ago, this was the first thing I saw as I took the bus into town, living on my own in the big bad city! Actually it wasn't bad at all. I grew up in Belfast during the troubles. Nuff said. When I saw the archway, I jumped out of my seat and screeched out "Oh my god, that's brilliant!" much to the amusement to many Liverpudlians on the bus who thought I sounded like a tractor with my very heavy Belfast accent! I knew I was going to love living here and I do.

By chance I actually would of probably ended up at the archway at some point tonight as I was invited to a social gathering in town. But I politely declined. I can't move. But then again how could I?

These skies are made for gazing at.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, Tar Ra!


  1. Oh my Claire..that is so beautiful! I love the gate..would love to meet you there some day!! Jim is hoping to make a trip that way sometime for digging. The beach..well is!!
    Can't wait to see the pics from your practice...I have been thinking about that all week..will post something you might enjoy on my main blog later. Gentle hugs, Sarah
    Take a hot tub hon:)

  2. Wonderful sunset. I never get tired of taking pictures of them. Nice shootout!

  3. The photo was great but I was stopped by "I took my first trapeze lesson..." There must be a story in that that I have missed.

  4. That arch is beautiful. The sky is a great shot also. Trapeze class--that sounds really cool!